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What Does It Really Take To Succeed In Network Marketing?  (Part 1)


Are You Willing To Be Successful?

I am working my way through a series called MLM Wealth Training by Ron Malezis, Joe Syverson, and Dean Mitzel.  These gentleman have built organizations in excess of 100,000 people, so what they say carries weight.   This is a series of 20 videos available as a course.  I will post the first 4 videos here with my takeaways.  (They offer the first 4 videos as part of a free trial.)  Also, I will post my takeaways beyond the first 4 videos, but without the video links, out of respect for the effort they put into the course.  You can purchase the course if you want to watch all of the videos.  The link I provided above IS NOT an affiliate link.  So, I make no compensation if you buy this course.  I just think it offers such value and is helping me become a better leader in the industry.

That being said, what I love about this first video is how they talk about setting realistic expectations about your MLM business.  Too many “gurus” in this business paint a rosy picture of instant success.  But we all know in our hearts that anything worth having in this life takes effort commensurate with the end goal we want.

Having the proper mindset is not only about thinking positively, it is also about setting realistic goals AND a realistic action plan that is consistent with those goals.  We have all heard the idea that there are different levels of competence, ranging from incompetent to consciously competent to mastery.  Network marketing is no different.  You don’t start out with the skillsets you need to be successful in network marketing.  These have to be developed over time.  And this takes commitment and perseverance!

Mark Williams
Mark Williams is a Network Marketing and Internet Marketing Pro who loves to help others succeed in their won home-based business!
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