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Master Key Experience

Master Key Experience Week 21

In the Hero’s journey webcast, this idea of having 3 choices when confronted with the fact that fulfilling our DMP requires letting go of the known and embracing the unknown really resonates with me. The choice is return to the known, attach the feeling unstable and confused, or proceed with the Hero’s journey. To be honest, I have spent the last few days in the unstable and confused category. I know there are some things I need to change and I am resisting them. I need to work my way through this.

I also really resonate with the idea of giving meaning to life instead of just searching for the meaning of life. And, the idea that finding my own authentic self is the hero’s journey. I am also glad that the heroes of the stories of the last thousands of years were reluctant heroes. Because, that’s what I am feeling right now. That “in between” of my former life not being acceptable anymore and the confusion and reluctance and doubt that I can be more.

I also want to reflect on a challenge that I have been experiencing for the past year or more. It has been a crisis of faith. I grew up a Christian and still consider myself to be one now. However, I have been questioning everything about my faith and trying to figure out what I think and believe. There were many points in the last year where I really wasn’t so sure what I believed. Certainly, many of the concepts in MKE have given me much to think about in this regard. Many of the readings introduce ideas that make me think about the nature of God and I have to consider the conflict in my mind between the “God” who is Universal Mind as described by Haanel and the God of my Christian faith. I am still thinking these issues through and I admit that this has been a distraction for me at various times in the MKMMA experience.

My faith has always been a foundation of my life, so this is a big deal to me. As a cancer survivor who has come close to death, my faith was really critical during that time especially. I am an open minded person who is always seeking the truth and I am sure I will come to the best conclusion for myself as I continue my times of quiet and reflection.

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Master Key Experience

Master Key Experience Week 17

I think once again, the key word for this week is resilience. I continue to fight some old blueprint behaviors and still have work to do (like everyone else). But I am really proud of myself for being able to work through my feelings and emotions so quickly. Its like I have become my own therapist. The last couple of nights I woke up with a lot of anxiety about a situation I am in.

This morning, I talked myself through it. What’s going on? Why do I get myself into these kinds of situations? Is this anxiety justified? Then it occurred to me. I am so stressed out because I am focused on what I fear! How much of the anxiety was due to what is currently going on vs. what I fear will happen? And how much of that fear is because of past situations or traumas that are not the same as this situation? As it turns out, most of that anxiety is about what I fear will happen vs what is actually happening. And, its about re-living past traumas and mistakes that I need to let go of. (So we have some serious “bear hugs kettle” action going on here.)

But, once I realized what was going on, the anxiety lifted and I let it go! I have the choice of the quality of life I want to live as I go through various situations! I can and do choose joy right now!

So, I am very proud of my resilience. Much work still needs to be done, but I love how I can talk myself through things like this!

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Master Key Experience

Master Key Experience Week 16

I see a lot of progress this week, even in the midst of some surprising weaknesses and old blueprint behavior. I notice more of a resilience in myself than ever before! Some old, depressing thoughts hit me this week, but I was able to let them go. The affirmations I am telling myself daily are coming back to me when I need them most.

“I can be what I will to be” is big. When a negative thought reminds me that I am weak in a particular area and that I am not presently what I want to be in that area, this affirmation reminds me that I can choose to be different. I can choose to let go. Its not always going to be instant. A couple of times this week, I have just allowed myself to rest and not try to make everything better for a bit. Sometimes things hurt and we can let them hurt for a bit while we pull ourselves back together.

“Bear Hugs Kettle” is another big statement for me. I must choose to let go of harmful thoughts of the past or other things I can’t change. Its useless to hold on to anything we can’t change! And, its so freeing to let it go.

Finally, I am really enjoying “kindness week”. I am looking for kindnesses and giving kindnesses. It just shows you that what you focus on becomes reality.

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Master Key Experience

Master Key Experience Week 14

This last week or so has been a big challenge for me. With family, holidays, etc., I have had some setbacks with reverting back to old blueprint thoughts and behavior. It is definitely helping to keep building up the flash cards and reviewing them often. One positive thing is that I am recognizing the old blueprint behavior and thinking quickly. “I can be what I will to be” pops into my head frequently to counteract the negative thoughts. So, the countless times I have been repeating that to myself are paying off and the message is sinking in.

Sometimes it just takes a bit of time to work through the incorrect thoughts and associated emotions and I know I will work through it and stay on track. Progress is not necessarily just a straight path. Learning and growing through setbacks is a part of the process.

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Master Key Experience

Master Key Experience Week 12

At the last webinar, we had this really cool exercise of standing in front of a mirror and reading our 1 sentence DMP repeatedly for 50 minutes. It was very energizing and I found myself expanding on the DMP, saying it in different ways, and telling myself all of the reasons why it is going to happen and the nuances of how its going to happen. This week, we were tasked with creating a bunch of index cards highlighting good things we have done throughout our lives. The idea is that we read these daily to change the negativity bias that we all naturally have to a positivity bias. This has been a challenge to come up with as many cards as requested, but I am adding new cards daily as new things occur to me. It really does help to read through these daily or even more.

I think there is a calmness and a resilience in me that has developed over the last few months. Even as I deal with consequences of old blueprint behavior and find myself slipping back into it in subtle ways, I am resilient to forgive myself and move on and get better. On the last webinar, Davine mentioned the “Bear hugs kettle” image. The bear walks into a campsite and grabs a hot kettle and refuses to let go until he dies. This is a metaphor for all of the stuff we hold onto – resentments, lamenting stuff we can’t change, beating ourselves up over past decisions, etc. I wrote “bear hugs kettle” on one of my index cards and have been thinking about it a lot throughout this week. Every time we hold on to unforgiveness – of ourselves or others – we are holding on to something that really hurts us and is COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY! It is so freeing to make the choice to just let it go!

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Master Key Experience

Master Key Experience Week 11

The last 10 days or so have been very stressful. But, I realize that I caused that stress through some old blueprint behavior. I was pursuing part of my DMP in a way that was incompatible with who I am. You see, my PPN’s are True Health and Liberty. But, True Health is by far the most important of those two. If I don’t have emotional, spiritual, and physical health, then nothing else matters. I was pursuing my liberty goal at the expense of true health.

In other news, I got my DMP approved this week. This is exciting and a relief! I think this will help me to focus on the rest of the course more as I work towards manifesting the DMP in my life. Having the right smart goals in there seems to be helping me with my focus. Sometimes, I am impatient and try to go from 0 to 100 instantly. The reality is that manifesting the life I want requires lots of small decisions and good habits that add up to a changed life. I can’t just make 1 big decision that changes everything instantly. In the case of my liberty goals, it will take a bit longer to get that liberty than I had first hoped. But the end result will be liberty built on a more stable foundation of wise decisions and proper daily and weekly habits. I will be remade into a better person along the way, which as it turns out, is more important than the liberty itself!

I have a feeling that executing on this DMP over the next couple of years will open up many doors that I cannot even imagine right now!

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Master Key Experience

Master Key Experience Week 10

This week has been a mixed bag of great progress and humility. In some areas of my life, I am growing by leaps and bounds and the progress is tremendous. In other areas, setbacks leave me confused and unclear about what to do. I also feel unclear about the direction in my life in some areas because I feel a newfound happiness in life and I find myself open to many different things. So, I think I need a period of exploration and open mindedness to to really figure out what I really want in some areas. Sometimes you go through your whole life thinking one way. You think you know what you want. But then, you see that the possibilities are truly limitless. When you thought your options were limited and then suddenly you realize they aren’t, its quite a dramatic change.

Anyway, I am still working on finishing my DMP, but you need to be clear about your Definite Major Purpose to complete a DMP 🙂

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Master Key Experience

Master Key Experience Week 9 – Crazy Couple of Weeks

The last couple of weeks have been very busy with travel and family and its been a challenge to keep up with the Master Key course. But, I notice progress in the midst of the busy-ness. My subconscious mind seems more and more like it is working in my favor to accomplish what I want. Even though I still haven’t got my DMP statement checked off, I am still moving in the right direction and getting more details on how to make it happen. I feel like I am generally a much more positive person. This is a really big deal since I have been depressed for much of my life. I am starting to discover who I am as a happy, more relaxed, and more energetic person and I like it.

I am open to so many possibilities in my life and feel like I am just waking up from being in a spell. I feel like a child discovering life and myself in a fresh way. I have seen so much improvement with my relationship with my wife, work, and my trading/investing. I am viewing life positively and from the perspective of there being so much opportunity and abundance around me.

I still have not been able to get too far with the 7 day mental diet, but the exercise is useful and I will keep working on it.

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Master Key Experience

Master Key Experience Week 8 – Critical Insight

This has been the most intense and stressful week I have had in a long time. One of my needs that I have been trying to articulate and get a solid plan for in my Definite Major Purpose statement (DMP) is Liberty. I achieve this liberty through investing and trading in stocks primarily. A few weeks back, I had a major insight into a company that I was researching and I knew that it would be a big winning investment. It was very encouraging, because I was seeing my intuition in action, showing me a practical way to manifest a real life situation to advance my goal.

I bought a lot of the stock (relative to my assets) and it moved up significantly very quickly. My intuition was telling me that there was still a lot more gains to be made. A couple of days ago, I let myself listen to my fear and sell the stock before earnings. Yes, I made a nice profit, but I let myself down. After the earnings came out, the stock ripped higher, gaining 30% in one day, with likely more to come. I missed out on that gain because of fear and reverting back to old ways.

Honestly, I let this devastate me for 1 day. I tossed and turned, barely sleeping at all. I called myself incompetent and worse. My stomach churned and I was making myself physically sick. It may not seem like a big deal, but the dollars were significant and I have let myself down like this numerous times in the past. So, it was really a blow to me psychologically. Having a high degree of excellence and competence with money is a critical need for me.

The next morning, I told myself that I am going to have to forgive myself for this. I can’t hold on and let it destroy me. Here is the insight that I learned. First, a lot of the reason for beating myself up about this decision was due to a scarcity mentality. I was telling myself that situations like this are so rare and I may never find a situation like that again. Well, guess what? That’s a load of crap! I realized that I could take something extremely positive from this situation. Here, I had just started working on my DMP. Its still not even finished yet. My intuition showed me a situation that would start to manifest my goal. So, the truth is, there is incredible abundance and unlimited opportunities out there. This is not about me handling one situation perfectly and manifesting my dreams in one shot. Its about me becoming a consistently positive person who sees and acts on opportunities over and over again for a lifetime.

So, I am especially proud of myself for understanding the truth of this situation, and turning it around from an extreme negative to a positive in such a short period of time! This is resilience. And its a crucial part of my other need in my DMP, True Health. I am creating a beautiful inner world and the outer world will increasingly reflect that.

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Master Key Experience

Master Key Experience Week 7 – Negativity Diet, Progress!

On the webinar last Sunday, we were presented with a very difficult challenge. Try to go 7 days without a negative thought (that you immediately correct within a few seconds) I was exposed to this challenge last year when I read someone’s blog and it didn’t take long for me to dismiss it because my mindset was not ready for it. Now, the MKE course up to this point has prepared me to think differently about changing to a positivity bias. Yes, I’ve already had to start over numerous times, but I actually see the value in working toward the 7 days. Even if I never hit that goal (which I am not conceding), the thought of being able to rewire my brain to think positively by default instead of negatively is wonderful and I actually believe it is possible. Its hard to imagine any area of life that would not be better from doing this.

Honestly its hard to even make it a couple of hours without a negative thought that I actually give into. Getting through even 1 day would be amazing progress, but still very much worth the effort. This exercise really brings an awareness of how much negativity there is in my head on a regular basis. Also, for me, its the realization that the negativity is my reaction and my perception of what’s going on, not what is actually happening in reality. My results so far are: start over, start over, start over….. But, I think this should really be a permanent way of life going forward, even if I never get to the 7 day mark. Why? Because observing my thoughts and my reactions to everything happening in my life is very enlightening and empowering.

As I look back over the last 7 weeks, I am amazed at how much I have changed. I started out as someone who has spent my entire life struggling with severe depression. Over the years, I have tried numerous medications, counseling, etc. and nothing worked. I guess you would call that treatment resistant depression. Over the course of this last year, I have just hit a wall with being so tired of that. Its so unacceptable as a way to live. I can honestly say that I have been a generally happy person over the last couple of months. I have done some mental work and made progress prior to the course and this course really came at the perfect time in my life to help me get to the next level.

Yesterday, I had a particularly challenging day. I got really stressed out because of a bad decision I made and my attitude really deteriorated throughout the day. As I was driving home, I just calmly talked myself through the situation. I told myself that I have the choice and the power to stop the negativity right now. I prayed and asked for forgiveness for my attitude and actions AND I forgave myself! Then, I did everything I could to mitigate the damage from the mistake I made and take responsibility for it. I gave myself permission to not be “perfect” and to learn from my mistakes and become a better person over time.

As I reflect on all of this, I think the clarity I have in my mind about my PPN of True Health has really been critical to my progress. I know that I want to be a person that lives in the present moment, full of inner peace, optimism, enthusiasm, joy, and confidence. Now, when I am experiencing feelings and attitudes that are contrary to that, I really notice the contrast and make adjustments!

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