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Master Key Experience Week 6

I think a lot of things are coming together for me with week as I learn to earnestly focus on what I want. After changing my whole approach in how to pursue my PPN of Liberty a couple of weeks ago, I feel more clear on what I want. I also feel like I am using the shapes, etc. to trigger the proper thoughts in focusing on my PPNs. For example, on the webinar Sunday, Mark talked about someone who saw green triangles on the tops of trees. I have don a similar thing with seeing the green triangles within plants or other green objects. I also did something new last week with shapes by putting my hands together to form a circle and connecting it with true health and then putting my hands together to form a triangle for Liberty. This has been really helpful to reinforce the PPNs.

However, I am still struggling to articulate what I want in a way that we are instructed to do for the DMP. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, since I have shifted my approach to liberty – to achieve it through investing and trading instead of network marketing – I have issues with being very private with my finances. I have been private about my finances for as long as I can remember and don’t really see that as a bad thing. So, I guess that causes issues with sharing my ultimate financial goals and my current resources. So, I am thinking that one through.

Next, I am able to describe the attributes of the investments I want in a way that makes sense to me, but is hard to explain to others. I have typically had pretty good intuition with investments over the years, but my main issue has been not listening to it properly and therefore sabotaging myself. So, what I really need to do is listen to my gut on whether an investment truly meets the criteria I am looking for and if the amount I have invested is the correct amount for me.

So, I feel a bit behind right now but I will keep pushing through it.

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Master Key Experience

Master Key Experience Week 5 – Progress, Busy Week

This week in Master Key Experience has been really busy. We are writing a press release version of our Definite Major Purpose (DMP), which is a narrative version like we’re being interviewed in the future as thought it already happened. This DMP assignment is the most difficult part of the course for me. I have been pulled in different directions with where I want to go in life as I sort through this DMP process. Also, I don’t seem to be able to yet provide the necessary level of detail in the DMP statement.

This press release narrative DMP has actually been helpful in the process as I visualize what I want my life to look like in the next few years. I am clear now on the needs that I want to focus on in my life, True Health and Liberty. The confusing part over the last week was how I want to go about working on the Liberty need. I thought it was through my network marketing business. But there was this nagging feeling in the back of my head, because trading and investing has also been a lifelong interest for me. This week, I realized that I enjoy investing, trading and researching stocks much more than network marketing and I think it more suits my personality and temperament.

Like my network marketing history, my investing history has been less than stellar. However, my shortcomings in the past are all about me sabotaging my own success. I have a knack for picking winning investments, but I need to learn to listen to my intuition more instead of impulse. But the good news is that the skill and experience is there, I just need to do the mental work of aligning my subconscious with a positive goal instead of sabotage 🙂

Of course, this means I need to re-do half of my DMP to describe the details of achieving financial liberty through investing and trading. But, I have peace that is the right move for me. Its not that I won’t work on my network marketing business anymore, it just means that its level of priority is going to be lower than the investing.

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Master Key Experience Motivation

Master Key Experience Week 4 – Victory in a Challenging Week

Wow, I’ll be honest. This week has been very challenging and discouraging at times. The old blueprint really kicked into high gear and tried to derail my progress! Sometimes its hard to tell the difference between getting to know yourself more, legitimately changing and discovering new goals vs. shrinking back to goals you can more easily quantify because you doubt you can reach the original goals. I am so grateful for my MKE guide, Claes! It seems I need to call him every week for guidance and clarity and these conversations have been so helpful! It was this conversation with him today that helped me realize that I really was shrinking back into a comfort zone and that I needed to re-group and get back on track in believing in my original goals and dreams.

The next thing that I want to talk about is the power of emotion/feelings when you are re-programming your subconscious mind to get you what you want. Mark and Davine have emphasized this over and over again in the webinars and it finally clicked with me. So, I am re-writing my definite major purpose to really trigger the powerful emotions right now that I will feel when I accomplish my purpose. This morning I brought myself to tears reading part of my DMP. So, I am making sure I feel these powerful emotions throughout the whole DMP.

I think about how much of my life I spent focused on what I didn’t want. You can bet there were strong emotions of anger, depression and helplessness there as I thought about what I didn’t want! To change my programming, I need to focus on what I do want and generate the strong positive emotions of joy, peace, power, and confidence that go along with it!

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Master Key Experience

Master Key Experience Week 3 – Seeing Progress

The Master Key Experience is really an amazing course.  I’m just at the start of week 3 and I notice more peace and confidence in myself.  I’m beginning to believe that I truly can be different and my life can be different with the expert support of people that care.  I just got off the phone with my guide Claes.  We had a terrific conversation that gave me a lot of clarity as I work on my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) statement.  Its harder than you would think to actually figure out what you want in life very specifically, with enough details that you can effectively communicate it to your subconscious mind.  But, I continue to challenge myself to refine that DMP.  I am just starting to get a glimpse that there really is so much more power to change within me than I ever really thought possible, and that is an exciting prospect!  It feels like life can be this great adventure as I discover who I truly am and what I am truly capable of!

One of the key points I am reading in The Greatest Salesman in the World (GS), by Og Mandino, is that we are a slave to our habits.  So, we might as well be a slave to good habits.  As I continue to do my daily readings in GS, read my DMP aloud with enthusiasm, build trust in myself by writing tasks on index cards and then getting them done, etc., these are becoming habits and I am enjoying giving my all to this process!

I am really looking forward to the future with great hope and expectation.  Its been a long time since I have done that, and I see that this hope is built on a solid foundation of doing the work I need to do to become the person I want to be.

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Master Key Experience Motivation

Master Key Experience Week 2 – Pushing Through Resistance

Whenever we are working hard to make major changes in our lives, we meet with resistance.   I now understand that this resistance is really my old blueprint trying to knock me back to the status quo.  That has made it easier to push through thoughts like “You can’t do that.” or “That’s too hard.”

One of the things that really stuck with me from the webinar we just had is the idea that most people are programmed to think completely backwards by looking at their available resources first and then making plans based on hose resources.  SO, the key is to figure out what I really want without considering my current resources.  To me, resources doesn’t just mean money, it means my current talents and capabilities and my perception of them.

So, I am continuing to push through edits to my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) statement to make sure I am writing what I actually want instead of some watered down version of just settling for what I think I might be able to get.  But, the challenge is more than just negative thoughts and the temptation to settle.  Its also trying to really understand the core of what I want.  I am questioning some of the things that I thought I wanted for a long time.  So, I am going to have to sort through that quickly to get to the truth.

We also discussed Personal Pivotal Needs.  The 2 that resonate with me are Recognition for Creative Expression and True Health.  I definitely see my need to be creative with music and even with business as well.  And, I want to be thought of by others as creative.  To me, true health means having physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  It means having that inner peace and alignment where my whole mind is working for me and helping me get what I want out of life.

So, a lot of work to do in the next couple of days to refine that DMP and get some clarity on what I want.

Finally, here are links to some of my friends and colleagues who are also a part of the Master Key Experience:


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Master Key Experience Motivation

Master Key Experience Week 1 – Getting Started Strong

This is the first week of the Master Key Experience and I am excited and committed to making a lot of changes in my life.  This class is a lot of work and requires daily exercises, but how can lasting change be any other way?  There are many takeaways so far, but here is what I am focusing on so far:

  • We have so much more power within us to change our outside circumstances than most of us ever realize.  While unexpected circumstances happen, for the most part, our internal world is the cause of our external world.  Our thoughts have creative power over our physical world.
  • The vast majority of our lives is run by our subconscious mind.  We really go through our lives on autopilot with very little original thought.  If our subconscious mind is programmed for failure, it will sabotage any of our conscious efforts to change.  So, we have to change our subconscious programming if we want to live lives of joy and abundance!
  • There is great power in reading our intentions out loud with enthusiasm.  Our subconscious mind is defenseless against our own voice.
  • Creating a Definite Major Purpose statement and reading it out loud several times a day with enthusiasm is critical to manifesting this purpose into reality.
  • There is power in what you tell yourself when you first wake up AND what you tell yourself right before bed.  That last 1/2 hour to 1 hour before bed is critical to what your mind thinks about as you sleep.

So, I am off to a great start this week.  If you want to start making some changes in your own life as you follow along, I highly recommend Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman In The World.  If you read and APPLY it as you go, it will make a big difference.

Why did I decide to experience this course?  Because I am sick and tired of not living up to my potential.  I am sick and tired of subconsciously sabotaging my goals and hopes and dreams!  Life’s too short to keep living like that!  Time to change NOW.  TODAY!

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Master Key Experience

I just applied for a scholarship to the Master Key Experience!

I will be blogging about the Master Key Experience Mastermind course that I will be going through for 26 weeks.  Check out the “Master Key Experience” category to see these posts.

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