Master Key Experience

Master Key Experience Week 11

The last 10 days or so have been very stressful. But, I realize that I caused that stress through some old blueprint behavior. I was pursuing part of my DMP in a way that was incompatible with who I am. You see, my PPN’s are True Health and Liberty. But, True Health is by far the most important of those two. If I don’t have emotional, spiritual, and physical health, then nothing else matters. I was pursuing my liberty goal at the expense of true health.

In other news, I got my DMP approved this week. This is exciting and a relief! I think this will help me to focus on the rest of the course more as I work towards manifesting the DMP in my life. Having the right smart goals in there seems to be helping me with my focus. Sometimes, I am impatient and try to go from 0 to 100 instantly. The reality is that manifesting the life I want requires lots of small decisions and good habits that add up to a changed life. I can’t just make 1 big decision that changes everything instantly. In the case of my liberty goals, it will take a bit longer to get that liberty than I had first hoped. But the end result will be liberty built on a more stable foundation of wise decisions and proper daily and weekly habits. I will be remade into a better person along the way, which as it turns out, is more important than the liberty itself!

I have a feeling that executing on this DMP over the next couple of years will open up many doors that I cannot even imagine right now!

Mark Williams
Mark Williams is a Network Marketing and Internet Marketing Pro who loves to help others succeed in their won home-based business!
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