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Master Key Experience Week 12


At the last webinar, we had this really cool exercise of standing in front of a mirror and reading our 1 sentence DMP repeatedly for 50 minutes. It was very energizing and I found myself expanding on the DMP, saying it in different ways, and telling myself all of the reasons why it is going to happen and the nuances of how its going to happen. This week, we were tasked with creating a bunch of index cards highlighting good things we have done throughout our lives. The idea is that we read these daily to change the negativity bias that we all naturally have to a positivity bias. This has been a challenge to come up with as many cards as requested, but I am adding new cards daily as new things occur to me. It really does help to read through these daily or even more.

I think there is a calmness and a resilience in me that has developed over the last few months. Even as I deal with consequences of old blueprint behavior and find myself slipping back into it in subtle ways, I am resilient to forgive myself and move on and get better. On the last webinar, Davine mentioned the “Bear hugs kettle” image. The bear walks into a campsite and grabs a hot kettle and refuses to let go until he dies. This is a metaphor for all of the stuff we hold onto – resentments, lamenting stuff we can’t change, beating ourselves up over past decisions, etc. I wrote “bear hugs kettle” on one of my index cards and have been thinking about it a lot throughout this week. Every time we hold on to unforgiveness – of ourselves or others – we are holding on to something that really hurts us and is COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY! It is so freeing to make the choice to just let it go!

Mark Williams
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