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Master Key Experience Week 17


I think once again, the key word for this week is resilience. I continue to fight some old blueprint behaviors and still have work to do (like everyone else). But I am really proud of myself for being able to work through my feelings and emotions so quickly. Its like I have become my own therapist. The last couple of nights I woke up with a lot of anxiety about a situation I am in.

This morning, I talked myself through it. What’s going on? Why do I get myself into these kinds of situations? Is this anxiety justified? Then it occurred to me. I am so stressed out because I am focused on what I fear! How much of the anxiety was due to what is currently going on vs. what I fear will happen? And how much of that fear is because of past situations or traumas that are not the same as this situation? As it turns out, most of that anxiety is about what I fear will happen vs what is actually happening. And, its about re-living past traumas and mistakes that I need to let go of. (So we have some serious “bear hugs kettle” action going on here.)

But, once I realized what was going on, the anxiety lifted and I let it go! I have the choice of the quality of life I want to live as I go through various situations! I can and do choose joy right now!

So, I am very proud of my resilience. Much work still needs to be done, but I love how I can talk myself through things like this!

Mark Williams
Mark Williams is a Network Marketing and Internet Marketing Pro who loves to help others succeed in their won home-based business!
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