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Master Key Experience Week 21

In the Hero’s journey webcast, this idea of having 3 choices when confronted with the fact that fulfilling our DMP requires letting go of the known and embracing the unknown really resonates with me. The choice is return to the known, attach the feeling unstable and confused, or proceed with the Hero’s journey. To be honest, I have spent the last few days in the unstable and confused category. I know there are some things I need to change and I am resisting them. I need to work my way through this.

I also really resonate with the idea of giving meaning to life instead of just searching for the meaning of life. And, the idea that finding my own authentic self is the hero’s journey. I am also glad that the heroes of the stories of the last thousands of years were reluctant heroes. Because, that’s what I am feeling right now. That “in between” of my former life not being acceptable anymore and the confusion and reluctance and doubt that I can be more.

I also want to reflect on a challenge that I have been experiencing for the past year or more. It has been a crisis of faith. I grew up a Christian and still consider myself to be one now. However, I have been questioning everything about my faith and trying to figure out what I think and believe. There were many points in the last year where I really wasn’t so sure what I believed. Certainly, many of the concepts in MKE have given me much to think about in this regard. Many of the readings introduce ideas that make me think about the nature of God and I have to consider the conflict in my mind between the “God” who is Universal Mind as described by Haanel and the God of my Christian faith. I am still thinking these issues through and I admit that this has been a distraction for me at various times in the MKMMA experience.

My faith has always been a foundation of my life, so this is a big deal to me. As a cancer survivor who has come close to death, my faith was really critical during that time especially. I am an open minded person who is always seeking the truth and I am sure I will come to the best conclusion for myself as I continue my times of quiet and reflection.

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