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Master Key Experience Week 4 – Victory in a Challenging Week

Wow, I’ll be honest. This week has been very challenging and discouraging at times. The old blueprint really kicked into high gear and tried to derail my progress! Sometimes its hard to tell the difference between getting to know yourself more, legitimately changing and discovering new goals vs. shrinking back to goals you can more easily quantify because you doubt you can reach the original goals. I am so grateful for my MKE guide, Claes! It seems I need to call him every week for guidance and clarity and these conversations have been so helpful! It was this conversation with him today that helped me realize that I really was shrinking back into a comfort zone and that I needed to re-group and get back on track in believing in my original goals and dreams.

The next thing that I want to talk about is the power of emotion/feelings when you are re-programming your subconscious mind to get you what you want. Mark and Davine have emphasized this over and over again in the webinars and it finally clicked with me. So, I am re-writing my definite major purpose to really trigger the powerful emotions right now that I will feel when I accomplish my purpose. This morning I brought myself to tears reading part of my DMP. So, I am making sure I feel these powerful emotions throughout the whole DMP.

I think about how much of my life I spent focused on what I didn’t want. You can bet there were strong emotions of anger, depression and helplessness there as I thought about what I didn’t want! To change my programming, I need to focus on what I do want and generate the strong positive emotions of joy, peace, power, and confidence that go along with it!

Mark Williams
Mark Williams is a Network Marketing and Internet Marketing Pro who loves to help others succeed in their won home-based business!
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