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Being a High Achiever with Depression – A Hole in the Law of Attraction?

Becoming a high achiever with depression: In this video I talk about some of what’s often missing when discussing mindset and the law of attraction. Also, I offer 6 actions and mindsets I use on a regular basis to keep moving forward, even though I suffer from clinical depression.

I’ve struggled with major depression for as long as I can remember. I tried a lot of different medications over the years, but nothing helped. The medications made me feel worse. When you have clinical depression, there is no 100% overcoming it for most people. At the very least, it is a battle that must be fought and overcome on a regular basis. I’ve had to learn how my mind works far more than most as a result of this. I have learned to dig deep into why I am feeling certain emotions and internally talk myself through it. And I’ve developed other coping mechanisms to lead a productive life. But, its not 100%.

In addition to my spiritual journey and prayer, I have always been into self help and personal development. I have studied the law of attraction and other similar concepts, which for me boils down to the idea that you are who you think you are, you get what you think about, whether positive or negative, and your mind cannot necessarily distinguish that you do not want whatever negative thing or fear or anxiety you are thinking about.

While I generally agree with these ideas, there can be a downside to the law of attraction for depressed people. Because you’re not realistically going to focus on only the positive things you want consistently every day. This can create a negative feedback loop that you can think you can never be good enough to have what you want because you can’t stay positive enough.

As I also have bipolar tendencies, I can experience rapid emotional swings quite often. I can go from being happy and at peace and totally confident to deeply depressed pretty quickly. Its overwhelming at times and not a recipe for success according to the law of attraction.

So, how do I piece all of this together to live a productive life:

  • I don’t expect perfection from myself. I’m not going to be up and positive all the time but, I keep my goals in front of me all the time.
  • Because I keep my goals in front of me and know what I want, I do the work even when I don’t feel like it. This is critical, because not fighting your emotions and not doing the work will lead to a meaningless life that truly is something to be depressed about!
  • Bottom line on this point is that perseverance makes up for your imperfection in working to maintain a positive mindset and trying to manifest what you want. When you have a bad day and give into the negativity or depression, get back up again. Variation on numerous proverbs from different traditions – a successful person falls down 7 times and gets back up again.
  • I take the time to notice what’s going on in my thought life and emotions and work to understand whats going on and talk myself through it. Sometimes, taking a walk in the middle of the day to process everything is extremely helpful.
  • I meditate on a regular basis. Usually, this is listening to meditative music with meditative frequencies built in for 15 – 30 minutes to quiet my mind and experience peace.
  • With my spiritual faith,
    • I choose to believe that God is good and is working everything together for my good and come back to this simple idea when I have doubts.
    • Remember this life is very short and having an eternal perspective can be extremely helpful to remember what is truly important in life.
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